Submitting Scores

The Following Guide is For Teams Who Are Not Using a Mobile App to Record Their Game

If you are using one of our approved mobile stats apps to record your games, please follow this guide for submitting your results.

Step #1: Login to your account

Step #2: Select your team

Step #3: Open game report form

The blue “Submit Game Report” links in the screenshot below will become visible at the contest’s official start time. Clicking on them will open a popup window with a form to submit your report.

You can view past reports by clicking the light blue “View Game Reports” link beneath any results that have been submitted. 

These buttons will also appear in your team’s dashboard when an opposing coach submits their game report so you can verify the information they submitted was correct.

Step #4: Submit game report

Please enter the boxscore into the form. This will automatically calculate the final score for both teams.

Section VI Football requires that you enter your scoring plays into the quick hits text box. This is at the request of The Buffalo News.

Optionally, you can also submit a player for the WNY Athletics Athlete of the Week.

What happens when a game report is submitted?

  1. Your team page and league standings on WNY Athletics will be updated immediately.
  2. Game reports that are submitted will trigger an email to The Buffalo News and any other media outlets that subscribe to updates for your team.
    • Media outlets can follow individual schools in their coverage area. For instance, the West Seneca Bee can subscribe to immediate email updates for all West Seneca teams.
    • They will also have access in their media accounts to view any scores reported in Barker, Olean, etc. When playoff time comes around they’re able to access information for teams outside of their coverage zone.

In the event that an incorrect score is submitted, please submit a new game report. This will override anything previously entered.