How To Submit Stats

The Following Guide is For Teams Who Are Not Using a Mobile App to Record Their Game ​

If you are using one of our approved mobile stats apps to record your games, please follow this guide to submitting your results.

Which stats are we collecting?

When reporting stats you are only responsible for reporting individual statistics. We will use these to calculate team stats automatically.

Additionally, any stats that are determined by a formula will be handled by the website ie) yards per carry, yards per game, etc.

Step #1: Login to your account

Step #2: Select your team

Step #3: Open stats tab

After opening the stats system you will need to do two things before seeing a stat table.

#1: Select a contest from the drop-down menu

#2: Select a stat category

This table will initially show every single player on your roster. You have the ability to filter your players by name as opposed to scrolling through everybody.

Step #4: Enter stats into the table

Each player’s stat line defaults to “0” – when you change these values in the table they will automatically save in the background as you type them in.

Your stat report does not have to be submitted in a single session. You can return and pick up where you left off.

When are statistics due?

Stats are due by 5pm on Sunday. This is to ensure that Mark Adair can publish them in his weekly magazine. Stats submitted after the deadline will not be included.